Okay, so I decided to make this my birtohday/Christmas present considering the cost of $299.00 without the heartrate monitor. I went to REI because if you’re a member you get 10% back at the end of the year for all your purchases. So I buy all my gear at REI, except my running shoes. I ended up buying the black Forerunner 405, I usually like the non-black colors, but once I saw this green in person it was just a little bit too light a green and leaned in my opinion to a (girly) color. I hope saying “girly color” doesn’t offend anyone, just trying to get a point across that this was my opinion.

I love this new toy/tool. I’ve used it for 4 runs now I think and today will be my fifth. I’ve gotten used to the basic functions but still have not played with the interval training settings that I need to do for the Boston Marathon training program I’m using. I’ve noticed this device is really helping me to pick up my pace because I can compare my lap times and know if I’m slacking or no. The heart rate monitor would be cool but I don’t know if I could get used to wearing yet another thing around my chest.

Bottom line, I love this new toy of mine and really think it will help me to reach my training goals and assist in my following such a strenuous training regime, well strenuous for me.


I’ve got to have a GPS watch with all the latest gizmos! I would go for the Garmin 305 but it’s just so darn ugly. The Garmin 405 is absolutely WOW! and I like the green one in case you’re wondering. This is now in my (I-Want-It) catagory of this blog. Unfortunately, this is the newest thing on the block so you can’t find any discounted, yet!. I don’t know how long I can wait, with my training in full time go I need the proper gear to track my progress and help me push it to the next level.

The Garmin 405 is absolutely WOW


17 weeks till race day. The Seattle Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifier. Of course you must come in under specific times designated for your age group. For me to qualify for the Boston I would have to run the Seattle Marathon in 3:10 or less. Given that this is my first Marathon I’ll just do my best and see what happens. Originally I was thinking as long as I come in under 4 hours I would be happy. Now that I have been looking around the web for various training schedules I’m convinced I should be able to beat 3:45. Like I said including this week I have 17 weeks till race day, Nov 30th at 8:15 a.m. the Seattle Marathon will commence. I have started as of yesterday using the 14 week Boston Marathon training program. I will start on level 1 for my first Marathon and see where that gets me in terms of times level of enjoyment. The commitment is huge and really daunting so I will just take each day at a time. I’m on day two of the new program I am following and look forward to completeing this week with 41 miles under my belt for this training regime. I’ve taped a color print out of the Seattle Marathon course map to my mirror in my bathroom. I want this race to be on my mind first thing in the morning every morning.

Superfeet Running

Well, I have about 4 runs in now using the Superfeet Green inserts. It is still too early to tell if they indeed are better. I definetely can tell a positive change in shock absorption from the impact, I can also feel that my foot is staying straighter when hitting the pavement. The arch support is alittle uncomfortable at first but after a 1/4 mile or so it gets comfortable. When I purchased them, and from reading others views on Superfeet, you have to give them a few weeks to wear in and “Form” to your foot. So far, I am happy with my set of Superfeet inserts. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

I definetely can tell a positive change in shock absorption from the impact

I have a friend named Bob! Bob does a lot of running! Bob has run Marathon’s. Bob mostly runs becuase he enjoy’s it. Bob recommended Superfeet! Superfeet is a high quality shoe insert. Bob uses the green Superfeet insert. I went to REI and was fitted for which Superfeet insert was right for my feet, green was right for my feet too. Bob also uses other cool running gear. But for now I will run with my Superfeet shoe inserts.

Bob recommended Superfeet!

Now that I’m back at it again I feel some muscle pain. I am stretching before I run and even more after my run. It seems no matter what exercise that I may be doing my right leg hamstring hurts more than the left. I must have damaged it when I was in the military. It’s not bad enough to see a doctor about but I’ll definetely keep an eye on it with the increasing miles I put on it. I don’t feel pain while running so I don’t think it is serious. The last thing I want to do is damage my hamstring and not be able to run the marathon I am training for.

Life just gets busy sometimes and your training goes out the door. I guess in reality it just means I haven’t been truly committed to this marathon. I have been asking myself, “Do I really want to put myself through the incredibly hard and demanding training schedule that this marathon will require”. I am sure that I want to run this marathon, I know what I have to do to make it a reality. Now I need to get serious about my training. I started running a few days back. Naturally it was painful and I am completely out of shape in the cardio area of my fitness. I believe that I can physically do this marathon, I am however, worried about the mental strength that something of this magnitude requires. To date I have never ran more then 15 miles straight and that almost killed me. Well, it felt like I was dying anyway. Allergies are definetely affecting my perfomance. I have a stong allergy to grass and pollen as well. So when I exert myself running it feels like i’m breathing through a straw. I take Benedryl which helps but still I have issues. I know in November for the marathon allergies won’t be an issue.

Stay tuned for more…